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G.C. Goodwin. A Doctorate and Beyond: Building a Career in Engineering and the Physical Sciences. Presentación, 9 May 2017. PDF
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P. Albertos. Rechazo de perturbaciones. Presentación, 24 October 2017. URL PDF
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M Zanartu and M. Diaz. Método de estimación de fuerza y presión de contacto en cuerdas vocales a partir de videos laringoscópicos de alta velocidad. Chilean Patent submission PCT/CL2016/050037, 2017.
<< 2014 >> TOP
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H. Ramirez. Energy based modelling and control of physical systems - Lectures 1 and 2. 13 January 2014. PDF
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H. Ramirez. Energy based modelling and control of physical systems - Lecture 3. 14 January 2014. PDF
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H. Ramirez. Energy based modelling and control of physical systems - Lecture 4. 16 January 2014. PDF
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R Carvajal. EM-based channel estimation in multicarrier systems. Presentación, 3 January 2013. PDF
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M. Orchard. Introducción al pronóstico, representación de la incertidumbre y medidas de riesgo. Presentación, 7 May 2013. PDF
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A. Weinstein. Modelos dispersos para el procesamiento de señales y aprendizaje de máquinas. Presentación, 28 August 2013. PDF
<< 2012 >> TOP
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B.I. Godoy. EM-based channel estimation in OFDM systems with phase noise. Presentación, 4 January 2012. PDF
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T. Söderström. System identification for the errors-in-variables problem. Presentación, November 2012. PDF
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T. Söderström. Introduction to recursive identification algorithms. Presentación, November 2012. PDF
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F. Arrate. Images, Geometric Hydrodynamics, and Shape Evolution. Presentación, 19 December 2012. PDF
<< 2011 >> TOP
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M Zanartu, G.R. Wodicka, J. C. Ho, D.D. Mehta and R.E. Hillman. Estimation of glottal aerodynamics using an impedance-based inverse filtering of neck surface acceleration. Provisional Patent US 61444199, February 2011.
<< 2010 >> TOP
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M. W. Beltman, M Zanartu, A. Raychowdhury, A. P. Rangarajan and M. E. Deisher. Speech audio processing: Low power preprocessing algorithms and circuits to enhance speech recognition for handheld, mobile and embedded devices in noisy environment. Provisional Patent US 12/828195, June 2010.
<< 2008 >> TOP
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D. Sbarbaro. Diseño de controladores no lineales basado en balances de masa con aplicación a sistemas hidráulicos. Presentación, 12 November 2008. PDF
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