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P. Albertos and J.I. Yuz. Time Delay Compensation in the Frequency Domain. In 17th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, ICIEA, Chengdu, China, 16-19 December 2022.
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Eduardo Elgueta and J.I. Yuz. Robust Control of Continuous-time Systems with Pole Uncertainties. In IEEE ICA-ACCA, Curico, Chile, 24-28 October 2022.
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E. Grendi, S Silva, J.I. Yuz, M. Orchard, Juan Huidobro, Domingo Rojas and J. Allende-Bustamante. Análisis avanzado de datos para el desarrollo de un modelo de degradación para molino SAG. In 9th International Congress of Automation, Robotics and Digitalization in Mining, Minería Digital 2022, 10-12 August 2022.
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M.S. Derpich and J. Ostergaard. Correction to A Framework for Control System Design Subject to Average Data-Rate Constraints. In IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Pages 1-1, 2022. URL
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M.S. Derpich, M Müller and J Østergaard. The Entropy Gain of Linear Systems and Some of Its Implications. In Entropy, Vol. 23(8):947-, August 2021. URL
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M.S. Derpich and S Yuksel. Dual Effect, Certainty Equivalence, and Separation Revisited: A Counterexample and a Relaxed Characterization for Optimality. In IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Pages 1-1, 2022. URL
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V Silva, R Feick, L Ahumada, R.A. Valenzuela, M.S. Derpich and M Rodriguez. Empirical Comparison of Propagation Models for Relay-Based Networks in Urban Environments. In IEEE Access, Vol. 10:7313-7325, 2022. URL
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M.A. Almendra and M.S. Derpich. Joint source-channel coding via model predictive control. In European Journal of Control, Vol. 61:142-150, September 2021. URL
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Rodrigo Garcia Triat editor. Si Yo Fuese Presidente: La Protesta de un Ciudadano. (ed. propia), 2017.
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C.A. Silva and J.I. Yuz. On sampled-data models for model predictive control. In 36th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society IECON 2010, Phoenix, USA, 7-10 November 2010. URL
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L Mora, Y. Le Gorrec, D. Matignon, H. Ramirez and J.I. Yuz. On port-Hamiltonian formulations of 3-dimensional compressible Newtonian fluids. In Physics of Fluids, Vol. 33(11):117117, 2021. URL
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G Vidal, J.I. Yuz, Ronny Vallejos A. and Felipe Osorio S.. Point-process modeling and divergence measures applied to the characterization of passenger flow patterns of a metro system. In IEEE Access, Vol. 10:26529-26540, 2022. URL
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J.P. Cortés, V. Espinoza, M. Ghassemi, D.D. Mehta, J.H. Van Stan, R.E. Hillman, J.V. Guttag and M Zanartu. Assessment of Phonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction Using Ambulatory Glottal Airflow Measures. In Plos one, 2018. URL
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W Zhou, Pan Liu, Y Wu, H. Ramirez and Y. Le Gorrec. Energy-Based Modeling and Hamiltonian LQG Control of a Flexible Beam Actuated by IPMC Actuators. In IEEE Access, Vol. 10:12153-12163, 2022. URL
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H. Ramirez, Y.L Gorrec and B. Maschke. Boundary controlled irreversible port-Hamiltonian systems. In Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 248:117107-, February 2022. URL
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O Husev, O Matiushkin, D. Vinnikov, C Roncero-Clemente and S. Kouro. Novel Concept of Solar Converter with Universal Applicability for DC and AC Microgrids. In IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 69(5), May 2022. URL
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F Torres, A.M. Suárez, G Feick and J.L. Hernández. Control óptimo de una antena adaptiva mediante microcomputador. In 4° congresso da sociedade brasileira de automática, Campinas, Brasil, vol. 2, 699-704., Vol. 2:699-704., Campinas, Brasil, 1982.
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A.M Alcaide, J.I. Leon, R. Portillo, Jiapeng Yin, W Luo, S Vazquez, S. Kouro and L.G. Franquelo. Variable-Angle PS-PWM Technique for Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Converters with Large Number of Power Cells. In IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 68(8):6773 - 6783, August 2021. URL
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J.J Cruz, F Escudero, E Álvarez, L.F Figueira da Silva, G. Carvajal, M Thomsen and Andrés Fuentes. Three-wavelength broadband soot pyrometry technique for axisymmetric flames. In Optics Letters, Vol. 46(11):2654-, 2021. URL
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Pan Liu, Y Wu, Y. Le Gorrec, H. Ramirez and L Lefèvre. Structure-preserving discretization and control of a two-dimensional vibro-acoustic tube. In IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, Vol. 38(2):417-439, June 2021. URL
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M.A. Perez, S. Ceballos, G Konstantinou, Josep Pou and R.P. Aguilera. Modular Multilevel Converters: Recent Achievements and Challenges. In IEEE Open Journal of the Industrial Electronics Society, Vol. 2:224-239, 2021. URL
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D. Deliyski, M. Shisskov, D.D. Mehta, H. Ghasemzadeh, B. Bouma, M Zanartu, A. De Alarcon and R.E. Hillman. Laser-Calibrated System for Transnasal Fiberoptic Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy. In Jounal of Voice, Vol. 35(1):122-128, January 2021. URL
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N Mayorga, C Roncero-Clemente, A.M. Llor and O Husev. A Simple Space Vector Modulation Method With DC-Link Voltage Balancing and Reduced Common-Mode Voltage Strategy for a Three-Level T-Type Quasi-Z Source Inverter. In IEEE Access, Vol. 9:82747-82760, June 2021. URL
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M Barforooshan, M.S. Derpich, P.A. Stavrou and J. Ostergaard. The Effect of Time Delay on the Average Data Rate and Performance in Networked Control Systems. In IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 67(1):16-31, January 2022. URL
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J.P. Cortés, G. Alzamendi, A. Weinstein, J.I. Yuz, V. Espinoza, D.D. Mehta, R.E. Hillman and M Zanartu. Kalman Filter Implementation of Subglottal Impedance-Based Inverse Filtering to Estimate Glottal Airflow during Phonation. In Applied Sciences, Vol. 12(1):401-, January 2022. URL
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W. Creixell, R Pedersen and S Ritchey. A Project-based Learning Alternative for First-year Engineering Students. In 2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference Content Access Proceedings, ASEE Conferences, Virtual On line, 22-26 June 2020. URL
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D Lazcano, N. Fredes and W. Creixell. HGAN: Hyperbolic Generative Adversarial Network. In IEEE Access, Vol. 9:96309-96320, 2021. URL
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F. Calderon, Astrid Lozada, Patricia Morales, D. Borquez-Paredes, N. Jara, R. Olivares, G. Saavedra, A. Beghelli and A. Leiva. Heuristic Approaches for Dynamic Provisioning in Multi-band Elastic Optical Networks. In IEEE Communications Letters, Pages 1-1, 2021. URL
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Astrid Lozada, F. Calderon, Jose Nunez, D. Borquez-Paredes, R. Olivares, A. Beghelli, N. Jara, A. Leiva and G. Saavedra. Impact of Amplification and Regeneration Schemes on the Blocking Performance and Energy Consumption of Wide-Area Elastic Optical Networks. In IEEE Access, Vol. 9:134355-134368, 28 September 2021.
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J.L Gallardo, M.A. Ahmed and N. Jara. LoRa IoT-Based Architecture for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Residential Smart Grid. In IEEE Access, Vol. 9:124295-124312, 2021. URL
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