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J. Pontt, E. Perelli and C Pontt. Harmonix: a software package for teaching harmonics in power systems with nonlinear loads. In European conference on power electronics, Epe’97, Vol. 4:996-1001, Trondheim, Norway, 1997.
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J. Pontt, C Pontt and E. Perelli. Comportamiento de filtros de armónicas múltiples en sistemas eléctricos industriales. In 6o seminario de electrónica de potencia, Vol. 1:s/n, Viña del Mar, Chile, 1996.
| Conferencia Nacional
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J. Pontt, E. Perelli, J. Rodriguez, C Pontt, B González, L Sanhueza and I Quezada. Overvoltages caused by stepup transformer and long cables in medium voltage inverter drives. In 8th european conference on power electronics and applications, Lausanne, Suiza, 1999.
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J. Pontt, J. Rodriguez, E. Perelli, J Aguilera and B González. Problemas de resonancia y sobrevoltajes en drives de media tensión: estudio de caso práctico. In 7o seminario de electrónica de potencia,, Vol. 1:121-129, Viña del Mar, Chile, 1999.
| Conferencia Nacional
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E. Perelli, J. Pontt and J. Rodriguez. Assessment of Current Harmonic Limits at 220 kV - PCC for meeting Std. IEEE-519-92 in power delivery contracts: Audit for an actual industrial installation with high-power rectifiers. In Power Quality 2002 Conference, Rosemont, Chicago, USA,, 27-31 October 2002.
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E. Perelli, J. Pontt and J. Rodriguez. Tecnologías modernas de convertidores estáticos y accionamientos de alta potencia y compatibilidad con el sistema eléctrico: Aplicaciones y problemas. In Seminario Calidad de Energía, Santiago, Chile, 28 November 2002.
| Conferencia Nacional
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J. Pontt, R. Vallejos, L Magne, R Riquelme, E. Perelli and G. Sepúlveda. A new monitoring system for measuring the load filling of a SAG mill. In Int. Conference on Comminution, Comminution 2004, Perth, Australia, 23-25 March 2004.
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