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M.E. Salgado and D.A. Oyarzún. Basic integrated modelling. A case study. In International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education, Vol. 43(3):217-231, July 2006.
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M.E. Salgado and D.A. Oyarzún. Double objective optimal multivariable ripple-free deadbeat control. In International Journal of Control, Vol. 80(5):763-773, May 2007. URL
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E.I. Silva, D.A. Oyarzún and M.E. Salgado. On structurally constrained H2 performance bounds for stable MIMO plant models. In IET Control Theory & Applications, Vol. 1(4):1033-1045, July 2007. URL
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M.E. Salgado, D.A. Oyarzún and E.I. Silva. H2 optimal ripple-free deadbeat controller design. In Automatica, Vol. 43(11):1961-1967, November 2007. URL
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J. Rodriguez, P. Lezana and D.A. Oyarzún. Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Regeneration Capability and Reduced Number of Switched. In IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, Vol. 55(3):1059-1066, March 2008.
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A.A. Peters, D.A. Oyarzún, E.I. Silva and M.E. Salgado. Analytic characterization of a stabilizing feedback for LTI plants. In European Control Conference 2009 - ECC'09, Budapest, Hungary, 2009.
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M.E. Salgado and D.A. Oyarzún. MIMO interactions in sampled-data systems. In 16th IFAC World Congress, Praga, República Checa, July 2005.
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P. Lezana, J. Rodriguez, D.A. Oyarzún and J. Pontt. Multicell converter with a new semi-reduced power cell topology. In 31st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Raleigh, USA, 2005.
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D.A. Oyarzún and M.E. Salgado. Suboptimal triangular controller design methodology for full MIMO stable systems. In 6th Bi-ennial UKACC Control Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, 2006.
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M.E. Salgado and D.A. Oyarzún. Optimal triangular approximation for linear stable multivariable systems. In American Control Conference (ACC'2007), New York - USA., 9-13 July 2007.
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D.A. Oyarzún and E.I. Silva. Effect of downstream feedback on the achievable performance of feedback control loops for serial processes. In Proceedings of the European Control Conference, Kos, Greece, 2007.
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