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R. Viveros, J.I. Yuz and R Perez-Ibacache. Estimación simultánea de estado y parámetros para un sistema no lineal variante en el tiempo. In Revista Iberoamericana de Automática e Informática Industrial, Vol. 11(3):263-274, July 2014. URL
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R Perez-Ibacache, C.A. Silva and A Yazdani. Linear State-Feedback Primary Control for Enhanced Dynamic Response of AC Microgrids. In IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Vol. 10(3):3149 - 3161, May 2019. URL
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R Perez-Ibacache, A.L. Cedeño, C.A. Silva, G. Carvajal, J.C Agüero and A Yazdani. Decentralized Model-based Predictive Control for DER units Integration in AC Microgrids Subject to Operational and Safety Constraints. In IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 36(4):2479 - 2489, August 2021. URL
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R Perez-Ibacache, A Yazdani, C.A. Silva and J.C Agüero. Decentralized Unified Control for Inverter-Based AC Microgrids Subject to Voltage Constraints. In IEEE Access, Vol. 7:157318-157329, 2019. URL
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R Perez-Ibacache, C.A. Silva, J.I. Yuz and G Carrasco. Experimental Sensorless Vector Control Performance of a DFIG Based on a Extended Kalman Filter. In 38th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2012), Montreal, Canada, 25-28 October 2012.
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C.A. Silva, R Perez-Ibacache, J.I. Yuz, L. Empringham and L. De Lillo. Revisiting the EKF Concept for Low Speed Sensorless Control of Cage Induction Motors. In 18th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE'16 ECCE Europe, Karlsruhe, Germany, 5-9 September 2016. URL
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R. Caro, C.A. Silva, R Perez-Ibacache and J.I. Yuz. Sensorless Control of a SynRM for the Whole Speed Range Based on a Nonlinear Observability Analysis. In 18th Annual International Conference on Industrial Technology, IEEE ICIT 2017, Toronto, Canada, 22-25 March 2017.
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R Perez-Ibacache, G.A. Pimentel, C.A. Silva and J.C Agüero. State Feedback Control with Full Disturbance Compensation for an LC filtered Grid-forming Converter. In 2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference - Latin America (ISGT Latin America), IEEE, Gramado, Brazil, 15-18 September 2019. URL
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R.L Ahuar, A.L. Cedeño, R Perez-Ibacache, J.C. Aguero and C.A. Silva. Comments on the Numerical Efficiency of Constrained MPC of an Inverter with LC Output Filter. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Automation/XXIV Congress of the Chilean Association of Automatic Control (ICA-ACCA), IEEE, Valparaíso, Chile, 22-26 March 2021. URL
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