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T. Toulouse, L. Rossi, T. Celik and M. Akhloufi. Automatic fire pixel detection using image processing: a comparative analysis of rule-based and machine learning-based methods. In Signal, Image and Video Processing, Vol. 10(4):647-654, April 2016. URL
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M. Akhloufi and B. Verney. Multimodal Registration and Fusion for 3D Thermal Imaging. In Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Vol. 2015(Article ID 450101), 2015. URL
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T. Toulouse, M. Akhloufi, T. Celik and X. Maldague. Benchmarking of wildland fire colour segmentation algorithms. In IET Image Processing, Vol. 9(12):1064-1072, December 2015. URL
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C. Nikulin, M.D. Zuniga, M. Akhloufi, C Manzi, C Wiche and E Pinones. Enhancing creativity for development of automation solutions using OTSM-TRIZ: A systematic case study in agronomic industry. In Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 10(1):168781401775195-, January 2018. URL
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M. Akhloufi, Y. Guyon, A. Bendada and C. Ibarra-Castenado. Three-dimensional non-destructive testing (NDT) in the infrared spectrum. In SPIE 9485, Thermosense: Thermal Infrared Applications XXXVII - 948519, Baltimore, MA, USA, 20-24 April 2015. URL
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G. Champagne and M. Akhloufi. Introduction to GPGPU parallel programming for image processing applications (Tutorial) In 2012 Applied Vision and Robotics Workshop, Montreal, QC, 8-9 May 2012.
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M. Akhloufi, F. Gariepy and G. Champagne. GPGPU real-time texture analysis framework. In SPIE Electronic Imaging, Parallel Processing for Imaging Applications Conference, San Francisco, CA, USA, January 2011.
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M. Akhloufi and A. Bendada. A new framework for face recognition in and beyond the visible spectrum. In IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Pages 1846-1850, October 2010.
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N. Bouzida, A. Bendada, J.M. Piau, M. Akhloufi, X. Maldague and M. Raymond. Using lock-in infrared thermography for the visualization of the hand vascular tree. In SPIE 6939, Thermosense XXX, Orlando, FL, USA, March 2008.
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M. Akhloufi, P. Cohen and V. Polotski. Novel views from non-calibrated stereo. In Vision Interface Conference (VI’99), Pages 390-396, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada, May 1999.
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M. Akhloufi, G. Champagne and M. Jr. Laframboise. Real-time texture analysis using multicores and GPU architectures. In Colloquium Digital video: Processing, analysis and recognition – 79 ACFAS Congress, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada, May 2011.
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M. Akhloufi, C. Nikulin, M.D. Zuniga, G. Gondeck, E Pinones and E. Vera. A framework of sorting technologies and its applicability for copper mining process. In Automining 2016, December 2016.
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