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M.S. Derpich and S Yuksel. Dual Effect, Certainty Equivalence, and Separation Revisited: A Counterexample and a Relaxed Characterization for Optimality. In IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 68(2):1259 - 1266, February 2023. URL
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Arturo Morales, J.I. Yuz, J.P. Cortés, J.G. Fontanet and M Zanartu. Glottal Airflow Estimation using Neck Surface Acceleration and Low-Order Kalman Smoothing. In IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, Vol. 31:2055 - 2066, 2023. URL
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A.L. Cedeño, R.A. Gonzalez, B.I. Godoy, R Carvajal and J.C Agüero. On Filtering and Smoothing Algorithms for Linear State-Space Models Having Quantized Output Data. In Mathematics, Vol. 11(6):1327-, March 2023. URL
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A.L. Cedeño, R Orellana, R Carvajal, B.I. Godoy and J.C Agüero. Finite Impulse Response Errors-in-Variables System Identification Utilizing Approximated Likelihood and Gaussian Mixture Models. In IEEE Access, Vol. 11:24615-24630, 2023. URL
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P Escarate, M Curé, I. Araya, M Coronel, A.L. Cedeño, L. Celedon, J. Cavieres, J.C Agüero, C. Arcos, L. Cidale, R. Levenhagen, R. Pezoa and S. Simon-Diaz. A method to deconvolve stellar profiles. The non-rotating line utilizing Gaussian sum approximation. In Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 676, 2023.
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P Franco, F Condon, J.M. Martínez and M.A. Ahmed. Enabling Remote Elderly Care: Design and Implementation of a Smart Energy Data System with Activity Recognition. In Sensors, Vol. 23(18):7936-, September 2023. URL
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F Condon, P Franco, J.M. Martínez, A.M. Eltamaly, YC Kim and M.A. Ahmed. EnergyAuction: IoT-Blockchain Architecture for Local Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in a Microgrid. In Sustainability, Vol. 15(17):13203-, September 2023. URL
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N Hormazábal, P Franco, David Urtubia and M.A. Ahmed. Data-Driven Smart Avatar for Thermal Comfort Evaluation in Chile. In Buildings, Vol. 13(8):1953-, August 2023. URL
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A.M. Eltamaly, Z.A. Almutairi and M.A. Abdelhamid. Modern Optimization Algorithm for Improved Performance of Maximum Power Point Tracker of Partially Shaded PV Systems. In Energies, Vol. 16(13):5228-, July 2023. URL
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A.M. Eltamaly and M.A. Ahmed. Performance Evaluation of Communication Infrastructure for Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in Community Microgrids. In Energies, Vol. 16(13):5116-, July 2023. URL
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F Condon, J.M. Martínez, A.M. Eltamaly, YC Kim and M.A. Ahmed. Design and Implementation of a Cloud-IoT-Based Home Energy Management System. In Sensors, Vol. 23(1):176-, January 2023. URL
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Faisal Mohammad, DK Kang, M.A. Ahmed and YC Kim. Energy Demand Load Forecasting for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Network Based on ConvLSTM and BiConvLSTM Architectures. In IEEE Access, Vol. 11:67350-67369, 2023. URL
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P. Albertos, G Scaglia, C. Wei and J.I. Yuz. Some issues about FL and LAB servo control. In 22nd IFAC World Congress, Yokohama, Japan, 8-14 July 2023.
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