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M. Villanueva, M. Araya, Claudio Torres and Pía Amigo. HDMClouds: a hierarchical decomposition of molecular clouds based on Gaussian mixtures. In Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 482(3):2878–2892, January 2019. URL
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M. Araya, M. Mendoza, M. Solar, D. Mardones and A. Bayo. Unsupervised learning of structure in spectroscopic cubes. In Astronomy and Computing, Vol. 24:25-35, July 2018. URL
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H Lehnert, M. Araya, R Carrasco-Davis and M.J. Escobar. Bio-Inspired Deep Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Navigation of Artificial Agents. In IEEE Latin America Transactions, Vol. 17(12):2037-2044, December 2019. URL
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I Oya, M Füßling, P.O Antonino, M. Araya, J Borkowski, A Bulgarelli, J Castroviejo, J Colomé, V Conforti, A Garcia-Piquer, J Guárdia, L Hagge, E Lyard, A Morgenstern, M Mayer, D Melkumyan, T Murach, L Pizarro, I Sadeh, T Schmidt, U Schwanke, G Spengler, J Schwarz, G Tosti, R Walter and P Wegner. Designing and prototyping the control system for the Cherenkov Telescope Array. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1085:032045-, September 2018. URL
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M. Araya, M. Osorio, M. Diaz, C. Ponce, M. Villanueva, Nicolas Valenzuela and M. Solar. JOVIAL: Notebook-based astronomical data analysis in the cloud. In Astronomy and Computing, Vol. 25:110-117, October 2018. URL
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M. Araya, G. Candia, R. Gregorio, M. Mendoza and M. Solar. Indexing data cubes for content-based searches in radio astronomy. In Astronomy and Computing, Vol. 14:23-34, January 2016. URL
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M. Araya, M. Solar and J Antognini. A brief survey on the Virtual Observatory. In New Astronomy, Vol. 39:46-54, August 2015. URL
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C.G. Sotomayor, M. Mendoza, V Castañeda, H. Farías, G. Molina, G Pereira, S Härtel, M. Solar and M. Araya. Content-Based Medical Image Retrieval and Intelligent Interactive Visual Browser for Medical Education, Research and Care. In Diagnostics, Vol. 11(8):1470-, August 2021. URL
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M Bugueno, G. Molina, F Mena, P. Olivares and M. Araya. Harnessing the power of CNNs for unevenly-sampled light-curves using Markov Transition Field. In Astronomy and Computing, Vol. 35:100461-, April 2021. URL
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H Lehnert, M.J. Escobar and M. Araya. Retina-inspired Visual Module for Robot Navigation in Complex Environments. In 2019 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), Budapest, Hungary, 14-19 July 2019. URL
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M. Araya, D Arroyuelo, C Saldias and M. Solar. Compressed Data Structures for Astronomical Content-Aware Resource Search. In 2019 38th International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society (SCCC), IEEE, Concepcion, Chile, 4-9 November 2019. URL
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M. Solar, M. Araya, M. Solar, H. Farías, D. Mardones and Z Wang. Cloud services on an astronomy data center. In The International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol. 9913, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 26-30 June 2016. URL
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M Bugueno, F Mena and M. Araya. Refining Exoplanet Detection Using Supervised Learning and Feature Engineering. In 2018 XLIV Latin American Computer Conference (CLEI), IEEE, São Paulo, Brazil, 1-5 October 2018. URL
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M. Solar, M. Araya, L Arevalo, V Parada, R Contreras and D. Mardones. Chilean virtual observatory. In 2015 Latin American Computing Conference (CLEI), IEEE, Arequipa, Peru, 19-23 October 2015. URL
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J Antognini, M. Solar, J Ibsen, M. Araya, L Nyman, D. Mardones, C Valenzuela, P Ramirez, C Fernández and M Garces. Chilean Virtual Observatory and integration with ALMA. In The International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol. 9152, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, 22-26 June 2014. URL
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M. Solar, M. Araya, Juan Cockbaine and V Castañeda. An interoperable repository of clinical data. In Seventh International Conference on eDemocracy & eGovernment,, 2020.
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G. Molina, M. Mendoza, I. Loayza, Camillo Nuñez, M. Araya, V Castañeda and M. Solar. A new content-based image retrieval system for SARS-CoV-2 computer-aided diagnosis. In In International Conference on Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided Diagnosis, 2021.
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