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F.J. Yandún, J. Salvo del Pedregal, P. Prieto, M. Torres-Torriti and F Auat Cheein. LiDAR and thermal images fusion for ground-based 3D characterisation of fruit trees. In Biosystems Engineering, Vol. 151:479-494, November 2016. URL
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R. Vallejos, F.J. Yandún, M.A San Martín, V. Escobar, C. Román and F Auat Cheein. Assessing the estimation of trawling catches using LiDAR sensor technology. In Ocean and Coastal Management, Vol. 165(1):99-108, November 2018. URL
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F.J. Yandún, E. Gregorio, A. Escola, J.R. Rosell-Polo, M. Torres-Torriti and F Auat Cheein. Terrain classification using ToF sensors for the enhancement of agricultural machinery traversability. In Journal of Terramechanics, Vol. 76:1-13, April 2018. URL
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A.J. Prado, F.J. Yandún, M. Torres-Torriti and F Auat Cheein. Overcoming the Loss of Performance in Unmanned Ground Vehicles Due to the Terrain Variability. In IEEE Access, Vol. 6:17391-17406, March 2018. URL
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F.J. Yandún, F Auat Cheein, D. Lorca, O. Acevedo and C. Auat-Cheein. Design and evaluation of sound-based electronic football soccer training system for visually impaired athletes. In BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING ONLINE, Vol. 18(76), June 2019. URL
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J. Guevara, T Arevalo-Ramirez, F.J. Yandún, M. Torres-Torriti and F Auat Cheein. Point cloud-based estimation of effective payload volume for earthmoving loaders. In Automation in Construction, Vol. 117:103207-, September 2020. URL
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F.J. Yandún, G Reina, M. Torres-Torriti, GA Kantor and F Auat Cheein. A Survey of Ranging and Imaging Techniques for Precision Agriculture Phenotyping. In IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, Vol. 22(6):2428-2439, December 2017. URL
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F.J. Yandún, E. Gregorio, M.D. Zuniga, A. Escola, J.R. Rosell-Polo and F Auat Cheein. Classifying Agricultural Terrain for Machinery Traversability Purpose. In The 5th IFAC Conference on Sensing, Control and Automation for Agriculture , Vol. 49(16):457-462, Seatle, USA, 2016. URL
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