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M.J. Escobar, C. Reyes, R. Herzog, J. Araya, M. Otero, C. Ibaceta and A.G. Palacios. Characterization of Retinal Functionality at Different Eccentricities in a Diurnal Rodent. In Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, Vol. 12:444, December 2018. URL
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P Prado-Gutierrez, M. Otero, E Martinez-Montes, A. Weinstein, M.J. Escobar, W. El-Deredy and M Zanartu. A Method for Tracking the Time Evolution of Steady-State Evoked Potentials. In Journal of Visualized Experiments, (147):-, 2019. URL
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M. Otero, P Prado-Gutierrez, A. Weinstein, M.J. Escobar and W. El-Deredy. Persistence of EEG Alpha Entrainment Depends on Stimulus Phase at Offset. In Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Vol. 14:-, April 2020. URL
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R. Herzog, J. Araya, M. Pizarro, B. Cessac, C. Ravello, M. Otero, C. Sepúlveda, M.J. Escobar and A.G. Palacios. On the Influence of Natural Images Second Order Statistics in the Retinal Population Coding. In X Reunión Anual Sociedad Chilena de Neurociencia, Valdivia, Chile, 1-4 October 2014.
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M. Otero, C. Sepúlveda, A.G. Palacios and M.J. Escobar. Motion Direction Selectivity in the O. Degu Retina. In Bernstein Conference 2015, Sydney, Australia, 21-23 September 2015.
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M. Otero, C. Reyes, R. Herzog, F. Olivares, A.G. Palacios and M.J. Escobar. Motion direction selectivity in central and peripheral retinal ganglion cells in a diurnal rodent. In Federation of Latin-American and Caribbean Societies for Neuroscience (FALAN) 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 17-20 October 2016.
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